SOC as a Service

The SOC serves as an intelligence core for the company, gathering data in real-time from across the organization’s networks, servers, endpoints, IoT, and other digital assets and using intelligent automation to identify, prioritize and respond to potential cybersecurity threats.

1. Monitor
2. Detection
3. Respond 

What is EDCS SOC as a Service

SOC-as-a-Service is a managed Security Operations Center (SOC), which provides Managed IT services to ensure the posture of any business IT infrastructure. SOC is primarily focused on identifying potential threats within corporate networks, including hackers and malware as well as employees who purposefully or unintentionally try to gain access to private information that is not intended for them to see.

The SOC's ability to provide round-the-clock monitoring, detection, and response capabilities is one of its essential characteristics. By ensuring threats are rapidly contained and removed, businesses are able to shorten their "Blackout Time." 

Cyber Security SOC UAE

Types of Techniques

➔ Network monitoring to enable full transparency into digital activity and more effectively identify anomalies
➔ Prevention techniques to recognize and avoid a variety of threats, both known and unknown.
➔ Threat detection and intelligence technologies that evaluate the cause, consequences, and seriousness of each cybersecurity incident
➔ Incident response and remediation using automated technology and human intervention
➔ Reporting to ensure all incidents and threats are fed into the data repository, making it more precise and responsive in the future
➔ Risk Score and compliance capabilities to ensure industry and government regulations are followed
➔ Vulnerability Scanning provides complete visibility of network assets, vulnerabilities, and Severity score  

EDCS All-In-One Managed Security Services

➔ SIEM And Log Management
➔ Endpoint Detection and Response
➔ Extended Detection and Response
➔ User Behavioral Analysis
➔ Cloud Monitoring
➔ Network Monitoring
➔ Application Security
➔ Mobile Device Management
➔ Emails Security
➔ Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
➔ Vulnerability Scanning
➔ Security Score Card
➔ Asset Discovery
➔ Incident Response 

Benefits of EDCS SOC-as-a-Service

SOC-as-a-Service goes beyond what traditional managed security service providers (MSSPs) and managed detection and response (MDR) vendors have on offer. Legacy MSSPs aren’t positioned to offer advanced security operations center (SOC) capabilities for threat detection and response.

EDCS SOCaaS has some crossover with MDR but provides a more comprehensive, flexible, transparent, and, most importantly, more effective approach to threat detection and response.

EDCS SOC-as-a-Service brings a number of benefits, including:

➔ Faster detection and remediation: By using our SOC-as-a-Service, internal security teams are not as stretched. We keep an eye on security around the clock, and we employ automation and data science to send high-confidence alerts more quickly. Higher alert confidence results in quicker and more effective detection and correction.

➔ Lower cyber risk: Our SOC-as-a-Service guarantees reduce the threat of a breach as well as the likelihood of spending money on indictments (such as legal fees, fines from the government, customer service costs, etc.) and brand damage brought on by a successful attack. 

EDCS Team Roles and Responsibilities in a SOC

➔ SOC Manager: Acts as the security center leader, overseeing all aspects of the SOC, its workforce, and operations.

➔ Security Analyst Tier 1 – Triage: Categorizes and prioritizes alerts, escalates incidents to tier 2 analysts

➔ Security Analyst Tier 2 – Incident Responder: Investigates and remediates escalated incidents, identifies affected systems and scope of the attack, uses threat intelligence to uncover the adversary

➔ Security Analyst Tier 3 – Threat Hunter: Proactively searches for suspicious behavior and tests and assesses network security to detect advanced threats and identify areas of vulnerability or insufficiently protected assets

➔ Security Architect: Designs the security system and its processes, and integrates various technological and human components


Our Average response time for the last year is less than 6 minutes.

Cyber Security managed service in Dubai EDCS


We have a strong resource in place. In order to achieve the implementation faster & faster 

Cyber Security managed service in Dubai EDCS

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